Saturday, January 22, 2011

Francesco Hayez

                                                ( The Kiss - 1859 )

Francesco Hayez studied at the Venice Academy and was in Rome from 1809 to 1813, thanks to his mentor, Antonio Canova, who also found him work in the Chiaramonti Museum.On his return to Venice, in 1817, Hayez worked on the decoration of the Royal palace.In 1820 he painted Pietro Rossi, marking the birth of historic romanticism.The painting's success opened the doors to Milan's Brera Academy, where he became president in 1860, after a lengthy teaching caireer.His fame as a historical painter matched that of his portrait skills, and his patrons were some of Milanese society's most fashionable figures.In 1837 he went to Vienna to present the Hall of the Caryatids decoration project.In 1855 and 1867 he took part in the Paris Universal Exposition and then the 1873 Expo in Vienna.In 1869 he wrote his Memoirs.He continued to paint with suprising creative force until the end of his life, as can be seen in his Vase of Flowers on the Window of a Harem.

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